It started decades ago. My mother knew, which is why she wrote this poem in 1962. She was awarded two Valley Forge Medal of Freedom honors for two other patriotic poems: "Pledge of Faith" (1962) and "This Nation Under God" (1963). She gave all she had in subsequent years: letters to the editor, school board meetings, etc., and was shunned, ignored or called insane because of that. I have boxes of her materials and writings dating back to the 1950s.

Wake Up, America!

Wake up, America, our country’s at war!

We’ve been invaded by a faceless corps,

No guns, no tanks, no planes overhead

But round us the enemy with silent tread…

Gray shapes drift through the countryside,

Shadowy figures who strike, then hide;

Hitting our schools, churches, unions, and then

They retreat for a while to advance again.

“Invaded,” you say, “but how can it be?

Why, this is the land of sweet liberty—

No invader's foot has touched our shore –

How can you say we are at war?”

Look around you, friend. Turn off the TV.

Open your eyes and you will see,

Like an overripe fruit they’ve said we’d fall

On doses of socialism seasoned with gall.

Say there, clerk, you with the chewing gum—

Don’t you know the battle’s begun?

Oh! I’m too emotional? There’s no danger here?

The only thing we need fear is fear?

Well, you’re right little man, but I’m not afraid,

I just want to see an effort made

To route the enemy from these gentle shores

And then move on till he is no more;

Erase him completely from the face of earth

And pave the way for freedom’ s rebirth.

“Who is the enemy?” you mean you don’t know?

He’s a hodgepodge of matter who at the word GO,

Strides through the world oblivious to reason,

Securing his goal with lies, murder and treason.

Methods don’t matter: results are what count

And clunking along the casualties mount.

How many chained, tortured? How many dead?

For how many the answer, “Better dead than Red”?

No guns, no tanks, no planes overhead

But round us the enemy with silent tread…

For each alien soldier, ten willing dupes

Swelling the ranks of the enemy troops.

But listen, what is that rustling noise I hear?

Are the grassroots stirring both far and near?

Is there a whirring of wings across our land?

Yes, it’s the American Eagle—he’s taking a stand!

Too long he’d been sleeping secure in his nest,

Great wings folded, head on his breast;

Till startled, he heard the grassroots rustling

And, looking down, saw his countryman hustling

To man the barricades.

Screaming defiance, down he swoops,

Strong wings flailing the ferret faced troops,

Setting them scurrying in sheer desperation

Back to the Kremlin—and mass liquidation.

Now, high, wide and handsome, the Eagle is flying

And all over the world glad voices are crying:

“They’ve done it again! Once more we are free.

Thank God for America and liberty!”

The moral of the tale we know full well,

“Good intentions pave the road to hell.”

The moral known, the lesson learned—

Freedom and respect must both be earned. – Rita S. Brehm ©1962

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The reference to “Red” is to communism, isn’t it? She was right. The link “They retreat for a while to advance again” is what is happening now.

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Thank you, Jeff, for this post. About two years ago I started purchasing Christian shirts. Starting during Pride month last year I thought, hey, I can wear what I’m proud of and every day during the month of June and almost every day since then I have worn shirts and hats with Christian messages. I often wonder if it matters to anyone. It rarely starts a conversation and never with anyone who challenges me. I have had the thought before that maybe it’s doing things I’m not aware of. Perhaps I’m encouraging other believers to be bold in their faith or showing them we are one person stronger of a body of Christ than they realized. But the end of this post was just the encouragement I needed not to give up my simple ministry of always wearing the word of God on my shirt (I have about 50 different ones now) or my favorite hoodie emblazoned with the name of Jesus across it. I do my best work being kind to masked shoppers in Trader Joe’s. 🤣 so thank you for encouraging me. Keep this sub stack going. I love coffee and covid but I need this even more. You do great work. God bless you.

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Thank you to all who "liked" my previous post. I'm sharing another one only because it's as pertinent today (maybe even more so) than is was in 1963. People WERE aware. They were simply ignored.

This Nation, Under God—

(Awarded the 1963 George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge)

What has happened, my beloved country,

My America, once so proud and free;

That you bend in meek obeisance

To the tyrants from across the sea?

Once you are high and mighty

And there was a glory to your name,

When you spoke your piece, had your say,

And denounced the “waiting game”.

Now, you cringe and shrink and backtrack,

Render tribute to a blistering foe;

The enemies’ knives are poised at your back—

Which way are you going to go?

Are you going to rise, my country

As you did in the days of your birth;

And stand up for truth and freedom,

With a sure knowledge of their worth?

Or will you succumb to the traitors’ voice

With its shrill, false cries of alarm,

“We must have peace at any price—

There’s nothing to do but disarm!”

Disarm for what, my country?

Yours was never the aggressors’ role;

But rather, a land where the worlds oppressed

Found freedom for body and soul.

For this was a land where every man

Could petition for redress of wrong,

And know that the law was impartial to all

With justice for both the weak and the strong.

Where a man could stake out a homestead

And toil from morning till night,

Assured that the fruits of his labor

Were his by a natural right.

Where before God all men were equal,

But theirs was the right to decide,

As to whether they chose to struggle and win

Or to just drift along with the tide…

In a timespan of less than two centuries

This blessed land prospered and grew:

While the lackluster eyes of the Old World

Were thrilled by the light from the New.

Then, out of the dark ages of history

Rose an Evil, hell spawned and devil-bred,

And the baleful eyes of the enemy

Were fixed on your lovely head…

I say “lovely” because to my mind,

You were never the harsh caricature

Of a grim faced, comic Uncle Sam,

But a “lady – all fair and all pure”.

America, God’s great gift to all mankind,

Given in the holy name of His Son.

Oh! My beloved country, remember?

“For I and the Father are one.”

Please, listen to those who love you,

Rend the chains of apathy and despair;

Send the life-stealing leeches reeling

Back to the serpent’s lair!

For the God of our Fathers is righteous,

Knaves quake before his mighty sword.

Why be so timorous, my country,

When armed with the power of the Lord?

Let us then prepare for the battle,

Donning the armor of faith and trust,

And not give until the enemy within

Lies dying in the dust…

And then, only as the mortal blow is dealt,

Will the whole of earth be free—

To pay all due homage and respect

To the one and only, divine and true, Author of Liberty.

- Rita Helen Scott Brehm

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I don’t know where we are in God’s timing. I do know He strongly advised we stay at the ready, that we always be prepared.

He also told us a whole lot of times to be not afraid, that He goes before us and, no matter what, He is always with us. And Paul spelled it out pretty clearly when he told the Ephesians the coming fight would be “…against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual for es of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph 6:12). It is not and will not be pretty.

Not sure who the guy behind the curtain is, but am sure we shall see incredible divine spiritual interventions in much the same way the OT Israelites experienced incredible divine physical intervention in their battles.

Which is to say, to conclude, that Jeff, your prescription is well targeted and your list of ways to fight back is…achievable!!

Thank you so much for writing it down. And you are right again/as usual: there is no need to fret because we know how His story ends.

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I've had to read this twice to make sure I get it. Now that I get it I'm kinda speechless. It explains a lot. The things we've been through these last two years are horrible and more to come?

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Book of signs by David Jeremiah. When I started to see all this a couple of years ago I was terrified. Then I read this book and realized it’s all be foretold. God is in control.

He also wrote

after the rapture


Where do we go from here.

Both end times books and great reads.

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Wow! Thank you ! (Steve and I were shocked at the negative response when we shared covid and the church from some pastor friends. Wonder what their response will be to this ! )

What a great call to action. We need to forward this to all our pastors.

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Covid and the world shutdown was another salvo fired at all of us. But, I believe, God is using it to awaken the masses to the evil around us. So many of us didn’t have a clue; I was caught asleep.

Now we are alert and praying more people return to God and join the battle for faith and freedom.

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How blessed you are Christine, to have had such a patriotic loving Mom, who was not only an excellent poet, she was also such a wonderful example for you to follow!

My Mom was an excellent punster, not a poet, who left her small town in Iowa when she was twenty years old to serve as a WAVE (women accepted for voluntary emergency service) during WW11. When you think about the strength and wisdom our Mother’s exuded at a time in our history when women were encouraged to stay silent and stay home, it shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows either you or I personally why we, as their daughters, care so deeply about the state of affairs of the country that they, and we, have loved and are losing.

Years ago, I came across this ode written to loving Mom’s everywhere that I felt compelled to share it with you. :) With all that is changing so rapidly and radically in our lives today, our Mom’s constant prayers to Christ for us and all of their children have enabled us to continue to rejoice in them and in Him ⬆️ as we each try to make a positive difference in this crazy old world!

Here’s to our Mom’s!

Mother...Mom ~

You breathed life into a hollow place and stood tall and proud as it was filled and stretched with the sound of a new heartbeat. Who held the hands that swam inside of you and watch the first of many cords be cut and smirked at the realization that those you carried will never be severed.

You, who frosted the cakes and stirred the oats and blew on the spoons when too much heat swirled upon them. Who told the stories and read the books and filled in the details with the voices and sounds of magic and mystery.

Who put herself last, always last, so that so many others could understand the way it feels to be first. Who grew tears in her eyes but never let them fall.

You, who sang the alphabet and packed lunches and killed the spiders and fasten the seatbelts and wash the dishes and folded mountains of laundry without ever bothering to plant your flag at the top to show the world the effort it takes to survive a day.

Who kissed the scrapes and healed the aches and always knew what color popsicle would sooth a throbbing throat the fastest.

You, the Mother, the Mom, the strongest most vibrant and perfectly beautiful Mother, thank you. Thank you!

~ Tyler Knott Gregson

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Thank you Jeff. I feel empowered! Going to pray about my role!

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Mar 7, 2023·edited Mar 7, 2023

Sir, I would encourage you to read the book by William Hendriksen , “More Than Conquerors”…to round out/complete your eschatology. P.S. We enjoy both your blogs, thank you.

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This is wonderful Jeff and will be much appreciated by all who are meant to find it.

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Wow--just found this stack, Jeff! It makes me love you even more than I already do because of C&C. Thank you.

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While you’re mostly right, I think you’re leaving something important out. The ten kings, or ten horns.

Most Bible scholars and prophecy-teaching pastors still expect these puppet nations to morph into ten regions controlled by ten leaders, with the antichrist rising from among them as the eleventh.

What is still to come? The one world kingdom isn’t fully in place.

The ten horns give their power to the eleventh and then he subdues three of them. That tells me, (not even mentioning that not ALL nations are fully on board and controllable yet), that at least three will be hold outs. My guess is China, North Korea, and Russia).

I don’t believe the seals of revelation have been opened yet. If you read it as written, (and don’t pretend it’s allegory), we haven’t seen anything that horrific or worldwide just yet.

The antichrist coming on the scene, massive worldwide wars and killing, worldwide famine (it will affect everyone just as severely), and the fourth and worst horse encompassing death by pestilences (plural), and all the other causes from the period “horses,” war, famine, etc.

The antichrist MUST eventually become known because he ends up demanding to be worshipped and goes after not only Christians but Jews as well. Jews will initially believe he is the long-awaited Messiah until that point, when they finally realize if was Jesus after all. During this period no one will be able to participate in the economy at all without the mark, (whatever that will look like-I have my idea), which means anyone who won’t worship him will be on their own trying to survive, find shelter and food and the like.

At some point, life as we know it will be gone and things will be drastically different under the one world reign of the antichrist. So while I believe it’s here, to a point, it hasn’t seen it’s full form yet, and neither have we.

On that note, yes, we must stand. The church has failed badly but we should, even if only as individuals, stand and fight for what time is left where we are able to. The main method should be sharing the gospel since that is our great commission as followers of Jesus.

However, we aren’t going to stop this or turn it around and I think we need to be honest about that. It ends when Jesus Himself returns and ends it.

Too many are listening to those saying that our fighting back will somehow turn things around and we will have a completely free and independent America again, one that harkens back to our founding for all intents and purposes.

That’s not what the Bible depicts. What it does depict is much better, a world government under Jesus, THE King of kings. That is what I look forward to now.

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Jeff, I miss this!

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Jun 30, 2023·edited Jun 30, 2023

Jeff, please consider the following. I admit up front that this is heavy stuff. I agree that covid showed us the one world government. I believe Trump is the antichrist and he brought in the motb:

(3 minute video) - https://fetvguide.com/video/K5VkGtQJ7I5u/bitchute?src=slugs&ver=2.5.20

(16 minute video) - https://tv.gab.com/watch?v=60bfeee12266ac24585e8127 w/ Dr Peter McCullough

(1 hr 7 min video) - https://fetvguide.com/video/sQDZa1HUCCRu/bitchute?src=slugs&ver=2.5.20

Consider: Revelation 18:23 “…for thy merchants were the great men (RICHEST MEN) of the earth; for by thy sorceries [pharmakeia is the original greek word for sorceries] were ALL nations deceived”.

The abomination of desolation:: https://dontspeaknews.com/2021/11/15/7-noahide-laws-abomination-of-desolation/

Noahide Laws will be brought in and those who believe in Jesus will be considered to be idolators and suffer severe punishment {beheading} if you don't believe in their monotheistic G-d of the OT.

See: https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/62221/jewish/The-7-Noahide-Laws-Universal-Morality.htm

We are the tribulation saints. I believe there is one rapture at the last trumpet. And, that we need to be prepared for:

Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years

We are in the last 3.5 years now. The first 3.5 with Trump seemed fine and then in 2020 we had the lockdowns and he brought in the jab (motb – see all 3 videos above; the 3rd video shows the jab is: the mark, the # and the name of the beast)..

Trust God's word, not men!

"Let God be TRUE and EVERY MAN a LIAR" Romans 3:4

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