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I read Hal Lindsay way back in my younger years. I'm 71 now so it was awhile ago but it has always stuck with me even in my prodigal years at UF. Later when I would bring up the subject in church because I wanted to study more of Revelation I never got very far. It made people uncomfortable or they said that Revelation was just allegory. I had to study on my own. But it has been on my mind all these years. The beginning of the covid era brought it all to the forefront and I was amazed at actually how much good teaching there was out there on the internet. Chuck Missler and Amir Tsarfati have helped me learn so much more. The Lord has opened my spiritual eyes so much more than ever before and in a strange way I have the covid era to thank for it.

Thank you for your honest and open discussion here. I have felt many of the struggles you have written about and felt guilty for thinking them...like I don't really want to go because I have to take care of things. Like other peoples choices depend on me making those choices for them.....like I am in control of making them be ready. But I'm not. If I am talking to them about the rapture and pointing out the scriptures that in my mind totally support a pre-tribulation rapture and encouraging them to study the scriptures themselves and to really seek to know Jesus......that is all I can do. And I need to be watching and waiting and praying for Jesus to return. Thank you so much for writing this. I believe that it was God breathed. I shared it to FB. I know many will be going "here she goes again" but you gave me the courage to do so

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Cynthia says: “ The Lord has opened my spiritual eyes so much more than ever before and in a strange way I have the covid era to thank for it.‘

Me too! I tell people Covid saved my life. I had fallen back from my shallow faith and lived in the world… until Covid (and these increasingly insane times) caused me such anguish that I was desperate and near suicidal. I cried out to my Lord & Savior Jesus - and that night in a vision or a dream Jesus reached down and held my hand. It was so real and I felt immediate comfort. From that moment on I have devoted myself to Jesus, and the Bible is my most precious possession.

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I agree that Amir Tsarfati has excellent teachings on the End Times and explaining The Rapture of the Church. So many of us are hungry for understanding. I also like to listen to Pastor Jack Hibbs on this subject. So few preachers have taught on this topic; and mostly only those from a Bible/Scripture centered churches. The more modern/progressive/woke churches do not. I avoid those.

Amir has an excellent book out called: “Revealing Revelation” from which I gained a lot of understanding.

When viewing websites/videos on The Rapture teachings, there is always an argumentative someone, in the comment section, saying that no where in the Bible is the word “Rapture” found. True, however that is misleading… because in researching we find that in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 the Greek word HARPAZO appears, and it translates in Latin as RAPTURO or RAPIO, where we get the English word RAPTURE. Harpazo means caught up or taken away.

Maranatha 🙏🏼

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‘Say is your lamp burning, my brother?

I pray you look quickly and see

For if it were burning than surely

Some beam would fall brightly on me

There are many and many around you

Who follow wherever you go

If you thought that they walked in the shadows

Your lamp would burn brighter I know’

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Hey Jeff I was just looking at this again - I came across it while I was looking for a different post that you had made and getting down to the comments I was a little surprised to find only 18 comments. I don’t know how many people are subscribed to this particular sub stack but I find it very interesting and wish that you would write more but I can’t imagine how you accomplish anything at all with everything that you’re already doing so I’m grateful for what I can get from you.

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Thank Jeff. This is something I definitely needed. And I truly believe God is moving through you to help awaken those of us that are asleep, unprepared and lukewarm. We must be fully ready for our Lord and Savior's glorious return.

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Gratefully accepted and shared. Thank you Jeff.

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Beautifully written & important, thank you

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I think your preparedness advise is excellent for everyone. Even young people should think about 'when they are no longer there'. An accident always happens unexpectedly, and if you have not prepared a will and provisions (even for your animals) someone will suffer. Especially the animals since they can not speak for themselves!

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Always best to be prepared.

“Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

Matt 24:44

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Appreciate your interpretation and biblical references that led you to it. Not sure how Jesus will effect the rapture but agree we need be prepared, and ready to meet Him in whatever instant He calls. Seems part of the prep is being less and less of this world and the “stuff” of it. And that sort of prescribes careful plans to disperse the “stuff” as God lays on our hearts.

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Jeff Childers: Your substacks are great and free subscribers get a whole lot plus they can comment. Thanks!

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Thank you, Jeff! Good thoughts on preparedness.

You really got me thinking about this parable of Jesus’ in Matthew. Been reading & pondering about it most of the day — Here are my thoughts about what I believe Jesus is speaking to in the passage.

It is about the kingdom of God.

Jesus the bridegroom is indeed coming, (but I don’t believe that these and many other parts of the old and new testaments necessitate the rapture interpretation about His second coming. But that is for another discussion.)

I think that the preparedness in this parable is speaking about God’s Truth, and holding fast to it in faith. It is about the whole of God’s Truth & uncompromisingly persevering in it. A partial truth provides no light at all.

Sharing their oil with the foolish virgins is to compromise Truth. If done, it doesn’t light the way for anyone — and the way must be joyfully lit; the wedding feast awaits!

This could apply to the second coming or to our own deaths. In any case, it is Jesus who is loving & saving his church — the True Church indwelt by His Holy Spirit, lighted by His Truth and by His Righteousness — love, goodness and mercy being it’s hallmark; Christ It’s banner — the banner of Jesus Christ the King.

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Jeff, I admire your insight. You provoke me to further study.

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Wow. So great to hear another Christian agreeing about the importance of correctly understanding this parable!! Its traditional interpretation about salvation and hell has always bothered me greatly (even as a new believer reading it the first time years ago) because they were ALL virgins - always the language of being saved...you can’t be a waiting virgin and not know your bridegroom!! But this interpretation actually makes sense of the imagery perfectly. Mark Biltz was the first one I heard explain the parable as being about the Rapture, and he details more about how the “not know the day or the hour” and “trump(et)” imagery throughout all of the rapture passages in the NT points to the Jewish language for talking about the Feast of Trumpets...the next of God’s feast days we are waiting for Him to fulfill, and the first one connected with the second coming/end times! (Blitz’s YouTube teachings on the Feasts of the Lord are incredibly eye-opening to see how Jesus exactly fulfilled the Jewish feasts prepared for Him in his first coming and gives us confidence to watch for Him to do the same with the remaining feasts in His second (just as all of Revelation is written in Yom Kippur celebration imagery as the angels are mirroring what would have happened in the earthly temple but in the temple in Heaven - Christians would do well to learn about the Jewish imagery and roots of all things having to do with the end times!). I love listening to messianic preachers - they have the convergence of Jewish and Christian understanding that we gentiles have completely missed for the past 2000 years!! Most Christians I speak with are not ready to see this parable in this interpretive light (why?!), but to me it’s the only reading that actually is consistent and makes sense of the imagery given - thank you for sharing it. (We always tell our boys, when you hear that trumpet and Jesus calls, don’t look back, just GO because we ain’t sticking around!!).

I also am convinced that the “aliens” explanation is going to be the cover for whatever happens to us, for sure. Dr. Michael Heiser’s work is also amazing because he explains how basically all “alien” encounters/abductions always have negative opinions voiced about Jesus (why never any other religions??) and the harassment stops with Christian prayer/intervention, indicating they are actually demonic in essence, not extra-terrestrial. So I’m certain it will be a part of the cover story, but that’s a whole different topic! Blessings on your work and I’m glad I found you!!

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I just found this. It's an interesting idea. If we map them onto ourselves today I suppose you could say the virgins with oil had the indwelling Spirit, and the ones without oil didn't so, therefore, any alive at the time of the rapture will either go or be left behind. I still think it's just a parable about salvation, full stop. Not about the rapture per se. Whether the rapture takes us, or death takes us is beside the point.

As for what happens to our loved ones if they get left behind. It's hard to think about. I actually have a file on my phone called After the Rapture, and I've written a letter to someone who will hopefully find it in the event, explaining that it wasn't aliens! Even though that sounds nuts the Bible says God is going to send a great delusion on those who are still here, and I sort of doubt that things will remain normal enough for people to be like "well let's go see the lawyer about thus and such". My letter basically says you have one last chance, but the price is going to be martyrdom. Maybe you could stretch the parable of the virgins without oil to represent those who might become Tribulation Saints, after their sisters who were prepared got to just go on in to the feast! Maybe.

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Thank you. I’m guilty of living as if I have lots of time left before I die. This is a great wake up call to get things in order and prepare things so my family will be okay - because death can come at any moment.

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Your insight and detailed rational is inspiring. Thank you for sharing this. Write more.

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